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We’ve partnered with Beautifi to offer monthly payment options on all procedures and packages of $1,000 and above. Thousands of Canadians have used Beautifi to make elective medical procedures affordable and stress free.


3 Easy Steps:


1. Apply Online

Simply visit the website to learn more and apply online.

2. Get Approved

Receive a call from a Beautifi loan specialist to confirm your details.

3. Get Ready For Your Procedure

You’re all set. Beautifi will pay us directly.


Fast and Simple

Beautifi can approve your loan and pay us within 24 hours.

Open Loans

All Beautifi loans are open and can be paid off early, either partially or in full, with no additional fees or pre-payment penalties.

No Impact to Your Credit Score

Get instant pre-qualification without impacting your credit score.

Personalized Loan Terms

Beautifi offers flexible terms ranging from 6 months to 6 years and will work with you to find a payment structure that fits your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to get approved?

Apply online and get-prequalified in minutes! Beautifi can approve your loan and finance your procedure in less than 24hrs.


Will applying impact my credit score?

No! There is no risk or obligation when applying for a loan with Beautifi.


What will my interest rate be?

Your rate is based on monthly income and credit history, as well as the loan amount and term length. Rates start as low as 8.95%


Can I pay my loan off early?

Yes! You can repay all or a portion of your loan at any time, with absolutely no pre-payment penalty or fees.


Do I need to finance my entire procedure?

No, With Beautifi you can choose to finance all or just a portion of your procedure.

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